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    Feb 25, 2020

    17 Professors Who Roasted Their Students To Hell And Back Again

    Do you need some ice for that burn?

    1. This teacher who was absolutely done with giving out extra credit.

    Kelly Halligan / Via Twitter: @KellyHalligan

    2. And this professor who just called 'em like they saw 'em.

    Y’all my speech professor just roasted me🙃 #collegelife

    3. This teacher who felt a sense of justice when the students they caught cheating still failed their exams.

    If you ever feel dumb just remember you’re not as dumb as the people in my genetics class that cheated on the final exam & still failed so my professor roasted them in a mass email

    4. This professor who pulled no punches.

    @maddymc_ / Via Twitter: @maddymc_

    5. This math professor/fashion critic.

    My math professor just roasted me 😭 he looked at my shirt and said “it’s not Halloween anymore but I guess you can wear whatever you want”

    6. This student who was just hoping for a take-home test and got knocked into next year.

    My professor roasted me yesterday. Me: “Can we have a take home test, like as a Valentine’s present to the class?” Professor: “Maybe, since I know for sure you won’t have a Valentine this year.”

    7. This iconic text response from a professor whose student was taking an exam.

    Lillian Rabe / Via Twitter: @lilliannrabe

    8. This professor who had no empathy for those raised with technology.

    Y’all my psychology professor roasted the hell out of us Professor: speaking about the iGeneration (those born after 1995) They lack social skills and other things Professor: Any comments? Oh sorry I forgot you all lack the social skills to answer. Our class:

    9. This teacher who was absolutely done with hearing, "My dog ate my homework."

    10. This not-so-subtle roast of a student's incredibly poor handwriting.

    When your teacher roasts you over email

    11. This priceless comment that reminded us of the difference between a Segway and "segue".

    American gov professor ROASTED me in my final paper I'm CACKLING

    12. And this professor who actually asked their student, "What's your major this week?"

    Did my writing professor just roast me for changing my major so many times? Maybe so

    13. This professor who was not too proud of his students' test scores.

    Lmaooo 💀😂 my professor really brought a mf coffin to class to say “yall test scores had me dead”

    14. This teacher who went ~low~.

    ironwolf425 / Via

    15. This teacher who was finally able to call out their student for sleeping in class.

    Bsnman14 / Via

    16. This sweet message a teacher wrote on the whiteboard for all their students to cherish.

    laser-toast / Via

    17. Finally, this incredibly accurate depiction of what it feels like to be on the receiving end of these public roastings.

    When a teacher (ms n*eta) indirectly roasts you in class & all the students go like

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