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    Baby Yoda Is A Tree Topper Now, And All My Prayers Have Been Answered

    May the force be with your Christmas tree.

    'Tis the season for Baby Yoda appreciation — and I, for one, am 100% on board.

    This year, TikTok user Elizabeth Round (@liketheshape) decided to show her love for the iconic The Mandalorian character by forgoing a traditional festive angel or star and instead topping her Christmas tree with an adorable Baby Yoda action figure.

    Baby Yoda's real name, Grogu, was revealed on The Mandalorian in Episode 13 on Nov. 27.

    "I was in the toy aisle looking for Christmas presents and saw this perfectly scaled Grogu for a tree topper," Elizabeth explained to BuzzFeed. "I had just decorated our tree that afternoon, and that night at dinner I made the family announcement that we had a new tree topper this year. My 10-year-old son was definitely on board, and my husband was the one who suggested we hover a small ornament near it as Grogu's favorite part of the ship."

    Of course, Elizabeth was not alone, and she even influenced others to follow in her footsteps and bring a little bit of "the force" to their holiday decorating.

    Inspired by Elizabeth's video, @taylorjane___ posted a thread on Twitter that got over 550k likes and encouraged a bunch of other people to show off their own Grogu Christmas designs.

    Some people had their Baby Yodas holding ornaments...

    @taylorjane___ I LOVE IT, this is ours!

    @taylorjane___ 2020 definitely needs a lot more Grogu on a tree. This is ours!

    ...while others put them in festive antlers or hats.

    @taylorjane___ It’s so cute! This is ours!

    If you're thinking about trying out a Baby Yoda tree topper of your own, Elizabeth shared some of her tips for how she got him to stay in place. She made a hole in the bottom of the toy to ensure that he could balance properly on the tree. She also used fishing line to secure ornaments to her ceiling to show Grogu using the force.

    Are you ordering your Grogu action figure right now to swap out your old tree topper, or is that just me? Or if you already have one, please share with us in the comments!