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    24 Jokes About Baby Yoda's Real Name Because We're All Still Just Going To Call Him "Baby Yoda"

    "So, I'm calling him 'Go-Gurt'..."

    ICYMI, the newest episode of The Mandalorian gifted us A LOT of awesomeness...but one thing in particular stood out: Our precious baby boy officially has a name.


    That's right, the true name of the Child/the Asset/"Hey, Stop Touching That!"/Baby Yoda is Grogu. His name is Grogu, and — as I'm sure you could've guessed — people have a lot of feelings about it.


    So, with that in mind, I took to the furthest reaches of the galaxy (jk, mostly just, like, Twitter and Tumblr) to find the absolute funniest jokes and memes reacting to Baby Yoda's real name, so that I could compile them all into this easy-to-enjoy list for all of you! Here we go:

    1. This initial reaction:

    2. This 2021 baby name:

    In August 2021 there’s gonna be SO many new babies named Grogu.

    3. This expert meme use:

    4. This accurate summation:

    5. This speedy turnaround:

    disney execs preparing to manufacture anything with the word grogu on it #TheMandalorian

    6. This anime confusion:

    7. This outright refusal:

    me continuing to call him Baby Yoda even though his name is “apparently” Grogu

    8. This shocking twist:

    9. This political interference:

    10. This Friends crossover:

    11. This question we all deserve an answer to:

    Me, extremely sweaty and standing over Jon Favreau’s bed in the middle of the night: why didn’t you let Werner Herzog say the word Grogu?

    12. This unsurprising truth:

    13. This Twilight crossover:

    14. This optimistic view:

    15. This excellent alternative name:

    16. This appropriate question:

    hearing Ashoka say Grogu for the first time

    17. This cruel reaction:

    18. This familiar-sounding food:

    19. This 50-year-old baby:

    20. This similar disappointment:

    21. This accurate depiction:

    22. This terrifying alternative:

    23. This unpopular(?) opinion:

    24. And finally — this rise to power:

    How do you feel about Grogu's name? Share your feelings in the comments below! Also, be sure to click through and follow your fave creators on both Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more fun places to be!!!

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