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19 Gender Double Standards That Remind Me How Much Toxic Masculinity Destroys Society

Why are things considered "women activities" until they are professions?

There are a lot of things that are considered socially unacceptable depending on your gender, which makes absolutely no sense. Reddit user u/Meet_Me_In_Heaven took matters into their own hands when they asked the question, "What double standards disgust you?" Here are some of the responses that have reminded me how important it is to destroy toxic masculinity and abolish the patriarchy.

1. "Women things like baking or cooking are just for women until it's a profession, and then it's for men."


2. "When movies need an ugly guy, they hire an ugly actor. When they need an ugly girl, they hire a gorgeous actress and put glasses on her."

Laney Boggs from "She's All That" before and after her makeover

3. "Daughters are raised and taught to clean and cook while sons get cleaned up after. My mother got upset with me when I suggested my younger brother learn to take out the trash or do a single chore. When I was his age, I was cooking and cleaning and helping take care of him while getting good grades in school and doing extracurriculars."


4. "When a woman cries, it's viewed as normal. When a man cries, he's told to man up."


5. "As a man, I could go to the doctor and get a vasectomy tomorrow if I wanted to. A woman has to have like two or three kids and be married for most doctors to even consider performing a tubal ligation."


6. "Men get pockets big enough to hold all their stuff while women get fake pockets that are sewn shut, or a micro pocket that can't fit anything."

Annie from "Bridesmaids" wearing a dress with pockets

7. "Men or boys who are sexually abused by women are told to feel lucky. People will joke, 'Where was that teacher when I was in school?' and disregard that being a male victim is a big deal. But sexual abuse messes with you no matter your gender, and being a male survivor is also hard."


8. "Women rarely get complimented for the things men get complimented for: assertiveness, accomplishments, or basically any intentional act. While men rarely get complimented for the things that women get complimented for: their appearance or personality characteristics that make others feel good."


9. "When women look after their kids, it’s just parenting, but when men look after their kids, it’s babysitting."


10. "Women are constantly told about the dangers of sex, ridiculed for wanting or having it, and dealing with how difficult it is to get birth control. Meanwhile, men are told nothing about how to be safe and make their partner comfortable, but are given a pat on the back and are showered with condoms."

Lara Jean and Peter kissing in the car in "To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You"

11. "Women are 'supposed' to clean the inside of the house while men do yard work. One day, my husband's friend called him while we were cleaning the house. His friend said, 'Uh oh. In trouble with the wifey?' No! He just lives here, too."


12. "Overweight male actors always get cast opposite gorgeous actresses as their love interests and nobody bats an eye. Overweight actresses are rarely allowed to be lead love interests in the first place, and when they are, they're more likely to be paired with less conventionally attractive men."


13. "Women who either have sex, love sex, or have a great deal of it when they are single are considered loose. Meanwhile, if a guy has a lot of sex, then he’s just being a guy."


14. "Single mothers are seen as a red flag and are blamed for choosing a deadbeat as their child’s father. But single fathers are considered a great catch and are praised for 'stepping up.'"

Will with his daughter Maya in "Definitely, Maybe"

15. "When my husband does his own laundry, people are confused and ask why. Why should I need to do a grown man’s laundry when we both work full-time? Yet, my husband has never been asked about not doing my laundry."


16. "If a girl is 21 and a virgin, she's considered pure. If a guy is 21 and a virgin, he's a loser."


17. "No matter their skills, men are treated like they know more about any given subject, while women always have to prove their knowledge."


18. "Straight girls can hold hands, lock fingers, cuddle, shower, and kiss each other. Two guys can’t even make eye contact without being gay-shamed."

19. "Even if I, the father, am listed as the primary contact on every single contact form for my kids, the school will still call my wife first. Even after being the only parent the teachers and school have ever seen during drop-offs and pickups, the school still insists on waiting to talk to my wife to 'discuss something about your child,' even though I'm right there."


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