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Only Someone Who's Seen “Game Of Thrones” At Least Three Times Will Be Able To Pass This Arya Stark Quiz

Arya is my true queen.

  1. Which of Arya's siblings are older than she is?

  2. What does Arya name her sword?

  3. How old is Arya at the beginning of the first novel?

  4. What does Arya say to death?

  5. What does Arya name her direwolf?

  6. What secret group does Arya join in Braavos?

  7. When Arya recites her kill list in Season 4, whose is the first name on the list?

  8. What style of sword fighting does Syrio Forel teach Arya?

  9. Which of her family members is Arya closest with?

  10. Who isn't on Arya's kill list?

  11. Who gives Needle to Arya?

  12. Finally, who smuggles Arya out of King's Landing after her father's murder?

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