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This Is The Perfect Wedding Theme For You Based On The Wedding Food You Pick

Are you eating filet mignon or black truffle pasta?

  1. The wedding ceremony just finished and it's time to join the party! What appetizers are you dishing out first?

  2. Now, pick a seafood appetizer to add some flare.

  3. It's time to toast to the new couple! Pick a drink to cheers with.

  4. Everyone is grabbing their seats and looking forward to dinner. What are they snacking on in the mean time?

  5. Yum! Here come the starters. What are they?

  6. Time for the second course. What's on your plate?

  7. While you wait for more food, take a sip of the wedding's signature drink. What is it?

  8. Here comes the main dish! What are you eating?

  9. What sides will be accompanying your main course?

  10. That was delicious, but don't worry, there's still room for dessert. What are you serving up?

  11. It's nearly midnight and we've been dancing for hours! What late-night snack are you putting out?

  12. Finally, what sweet treats are you sending your guests home with as wedding favors?