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    • jamiemommax3

      It’s “must have” not “must of.” And “funner” isn’t a word. Look at it this way. Kids who are forced to conform to a gender role they don’t identify with are at a hugely inflated risk of suicide, self-harm, and depression. Knowing that, and realizing that most kids who express gender-non-conformity actually do “grow out of it” in early puberty, is it really a bigger risk to let them dress and act as they wish when they’re young children? No. It’s a bigger risk to force them into a role they don’t identify with. 41% of transgendered people have attempted suicide. FORTY-ONE PERCENT. That’s a huge number, and if it were my kid, I’d much rather NOT risk causing my child to become suicidal over what clothes he or she is wearing. Good lord. Does it really matter if a 6 year old likes wearing dresses? Who cares what’s inside his or her underwear? Before puberty, the only way we can tell whether kids are girls or boys is by their clothes and haircuts. Loving your child unconditionally means without reservation. You don’t withhold love because your son likes to wear pink dresses and play with Barbies. You don’t beat it out of him, that’s not love. Let him explore, chances are good that when he gets to puberty he’ll want to revert back to appearing male. And if not, then learn to love your daughter. Because she’s still the same person! It’s not worth risking having your child KILL THEMSELVES because you’re close minded in your ideas of gender roles.

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