Jamie Livingston
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    • Jamie Livingston

      It is not hard to disagree with the statement that “guns have changed, shouldn’t gun laws change too”. It is easy to disagree with it. The second amendment did not limit the right to keep and bear arms by weapon type nor did they limit it present day arms (the type available when the amendment was written). It is a right! I stand firm that I have a right to own weapons. The amendment does not state I should let the government know of all my weapons. America was not founded on the principle of bigger government but smaller. Gun owners should not have to register weapons so the government knows who they are, where they live, and the type of weapons they own. This is the first step in the government taking away guns from lawful gun owners. England did that and ten years afterwards required citizens to turn in their guns. They were registered so there was no sneaking around that law. Guess what, the incidents of knife-related violence soared immediately following. So in this pathetic excuse for an ad against gun violence the guy would have just walked in and stabbed the guy in the back with a knife or used a strangle wire, or shot him with an illegally obtained fire arm. Rep. Jackson Lee (D-TX) accidentally explained perfectly why all this legislation does not nor will it ever cub gun violence. She was not intending to make that point, but she did. If a person desires to commit a crime using a gun he or she will find a way to obtain the gun. Drugs are illegal but people that wish to use them find them.

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