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    12 Stereotypes About Britain That TV Got Wrong

    It's not all charming men and afternoon tea.

    1. On British TV, small towns and villages are the crime capitals of Britain.

    All3Media / ITV

    In reality, things are a little less dramatic.

    Flickr: heatheronhertravels / Creative Commons / Via

    2. On TV, British most men seem to be handsome and charming.


    In reality, most British men are a little less classy.

    star_man_u / Via

    3. On TV, everyone from Britain has the same English accent.

    Sony Pictures Television / Netflix

    In reality, the accents are a lot more diverse.

    I am so Yorkshire that I read this as someone asking if you’re at home

    4. On TV, British summers are an excuse to eat and drink in glamorous outdoor locations.


    In reality, outdoor dining can be a lot more hit-or-miss.

    10 degrees spring is here. Govan's Gregg's has got the street furniture out. You could swear you were in Barcelona.

    5. On British TV, pubs are the epicentre of local drama.


    In reality, the only drama is drunk people falling over outside.

    SNFTW /

    6. On TV, people working in law enforcement are always super smart.


    In reality they can sometimes have off days.

    7. On TV, everyone in Britain is smartly dressed.

    BBC / World Productions

    In reality things aren't quite as glamorous.

    8. On TV, every British person appears to be witty and smart.

    BBC / Hartswood Films

    In reality, we're not all geniuses.

    £50 from the Bank of Mysterio got accepted at work tonight. I am in absolute disbelief that someone I work with has accepted this

    9. On TV, Britain is often portrayed as a land of romance.

    Sony Pictures Television

    In reality, public displays of love are a little less PG.

    my ex just slid into my DMs with the “this song reminds me of us” youtube drop but rather than link the song he accidentally linked andy carroll’s bicycle kick goal against crystal palace. cool

    10. On TV, everyone who lives in a British city lives in a nice flat.


    In reality most people living in the city are lucky to afford anything.

    11. On TV, British criminals are always menacing and smart.


    In reality, British criminals aren't quite as cunning: / Twitter: @dtheochari

    12. On TV, British people always enjoy a nice English tea every afternoon.

    Sony Pictures Television / Netflix

    In reality, people are more likely to get food from a dodgy takeaway.

    Why are the peas upside down. It's fucking me up.

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