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    17 Tweets About Being Vegan That Are Just Way Too Real

    "So y’all will stop using straws to save fish but won’t stop eating fish to save fish"


    “what are you eating?” me: “vegan chicken nuggets!” “omg we get it you don’t eat meat you don’t have to say it’s vegan every time” “what are you eating?” me: “chicken nuggets” “uuuMMMM just CHICKEN NUGGETS???? I THouGhht THAT U diDN’t EAT MEAT???”


    vegetables in the grocery store as soon as i walk past them & make my way to the unhealthy vegan alternatives section


    “I’ve never had vegan food” Me: damn not even a french fry?


    Me: I’m vegan Y’all: okay then miss vegan ass, what would you do if you were on an island with no trees, no vegetation, no other people, no boat, no candles, no clothes, no teeth, no knees, no sunscreen, no flu shot, no sand, no island, no sea salt, no shade, no water, no eyes, n


    me watching the starbucks baristas to make sure they put almond milk and not dairy milk in my coffee


    ppl: I'll never understand why ppl go vegan vegan: there are plenty reasons like ethics & ppl: we may never know vegan: clima ppl: never


    so y’all will stop using straws to save fish but won’t stop eating fish to save fish


    What I think I look like when talking about veganism VS what I actually look like


    Only went vegan because it’s easier to spell than veterinarian


    ‘if ur a vegan why do u eat so much unhealthy food’ first of all, i hate myself not the animals



    The most annoying "vegan thing" that happens: When I have a normal snack, like pretzels, and offer it to someone and their response is "Well let's see how good these *vegan* pretzels are!" They're the same pretzels you've eaten your entire life, Becky.


    me when the restaurant has more than one vegan option


    me remembering all the non vegan food i ate for years


    How the fuck did buying meat from a grocery store and eating it become something that was masculine. Bugs Bunny ate 100% carrots and he laughed in the face of a gun.


    me trying to make sure my meal doesn’t include meat, dairy, or eggs without telling the waiter that i’m a vegan


    other vegans: this is my dinner! a raw açai bowl with banana, strawberries, literal fairy dust- me: this is my rice and those are my beans