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29 Facts You Need To Know About "The Chase"

The chasers all have a Facebook group chat.

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1. Three episodes are filmed a day, with it taking roughly an hour and a half to record each episode.

2. The show's theme music was created by Paul Farrer, the same composer who created the music for the Weakest Link.

3. There are nine international versions of The Chase, with shows airing in Australia, China, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, and the United States.

4. Mark Labbett (The Beast) and Anne Hegerty (The Governess) both appear on the Australian version, alongside three other chasers, but Mark Labbett serves as the only chaser on the United States version of the show.

5. There's been over 1,000 episodes and more than 4,000 contestants.

6. The chasers are all friends off set – they even have a Facebook message thread where they regularly chat.


7. Bradley Walsh wasn't the first person considered to present The Chase. The producers first had their eye on journalist Donal MacIntyre.

8. Upon joining the show a couple of years after it started, Paul Sinha (The Sinnerman) was given a good luck card from his fellow chasers.

9. The fifth chaser to join the cast, Jenny Ryan (The Vixen), was recommended for the show by Anne Hegerty – the two quiz together on Monday nights.

10. Anne Hegerty's original nickname on the show wasn't The Governess, but The Headmistress – The Governess nickname came directly from Bradley Walsh.

11. The offers made by the chasers actually come from the producers backstage.

12. The chasers always give 100%, even in celebrity specials where the prize fund goes to charity.

13. The Chase regularly pulls in over 3 million viewers an episode.

14. Mark Labbett is a keen stats keeper, keeping track of all numbers related to the show.

15. The chaser with the overall highest winning percentage in the final chase (series 1-10) is Anne Hegerty, with a 79% win rate.

16. The largest offer made by a chaser on the non-celebrity version of the show is £100,000 – first offered by Jenny Ryan.

17. And the largest offer ever made by a chaser was on the celebrity version, when Ed Byrne was offered £117,000 by Anne Hegerty.

18. Host Bradley Walsh was once a professional footballer, having played for Brentford at the age of 18.

19. Mark Labbett began quizzing as a student while working at Butlins, where he would play on the quiz machines to supplement his wages.

20. Other quiz shows Mark Labbett has appeared on include Mastermind, Countdown, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, and Only Connect.

21. Anne Hegerty has appeared in multiple pantomimes, starring alongside the likes of Keith Chegwin and Basil Brush.

22. During the 2005 elections Shaun Wallace (The Dark Destroyer) stood as an independent candidate in the Brent South consistency. He received 297 votes.

23. Before becoming a full-time professional comedian and quizzer, Paul Sinha worked as a qualified GP.

24. Jenny Ryan plays ukulele in a band called Nanukes of the North.

25. The contestants, and even Bradley Walsh himself, genuinely have no idea which chaser will be appearing on the show until they walk out.

26. Bradley Walsh never gets to see the questions beforehand. He sees them for the first time when the contestants and chasers do.

27. If Bradley Walsh messes up on a question in the final chase, studio lawyers immediately step in, the clock is paused, and the question is re-asked from the split second where the previous one ended.

28. One of the show's question setters, Olav Bjortomt, is a two-time World Quizzing Championship winner.

29. The question setters deliberately write questions in the hope of making Bradley Walsh laugh.


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