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    17 Little Things You're Doing That Annoy The Hell Out Of Hotel Workers

    Show a little respect.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the things hotel guests do that really annoy them. Here are some of the responses…

    1. When guests think they can get whatever they want, whenever they want.

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    "One thing that gets me is the people who think the times set for breakfast, kitchen service etc. are just guidelines. They’re set those times for a reason! If breakfast finishes at 10am it’s because we need two hours to get everything turned around for the afternoon service."


    2. When a guest thinks the receptionist is lying about the hotel having no rooms available.

    Comedy Central

    "When we say we’re sold out, WE’RE SOLD OUT! Please don’t insist we have hidden rooms that we don’t want to sell."


    3. When a guest make a mess and doesn't inform staff.


    "When I was a housekeeper I was always annoyed when guests made a huge mess and didn’t say anything. We had guests who threw up on the bed and who got blood everywhere and didn’t say a word about what had happened even though they had talked to multiple employees in the lobby. Tell the staff when something happens so we know what we’re getting into, we can get in there early, and clean things up easier."


    4. When customers loiter in the hotel lobby.

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    "It drives me insane when people come and sit in my tiny lobby and talk extremely loudly on the phone. They always do it for extended periods of time and it really annoys me. Talk outside or talk in your room, but stay out of my tiny lobby!"


    5. When guests try to check-in super early.

    Disney–ABC Domestic Television

    "Guests who come to check in way before check in time – I mean about 8am – and then ask what time the room will be ready. The previous occupants are literally still in there! I can't kick them out."


    6. When guests think they know better than the hotel staff.


    "When guests tell you how to do your job because they stay in hotels half of the year. Yes ma'am, I work here full time every week of the year and I'm trained to learn everything about the business, but you're right, what can I learn from you?"


    7. When guests approach complaints with a hostile attitude.

    Walt Disney Studios

    "I am 100% more than willing to help you if you treat me like a human being. I am here to make your stay perfect but it’s difficult when you’re screaming at me and attacking me because you’re on the 6th floor instead of the 7th. Trust me, we want to help and will bend over backwards to if you’re a decent human being to us."


    8. When guests make impossible requests.


    "We had a guest once complain and leave us a bad review because the geese outside on the water of our waterfront hotel were too noisy. No idea what she wanted us to do about getting rid of the local wildlife..."


    9. When guests leave an insulting tip.

    Miramax Films

    "When your tip consists of one penny, just don’t leave anything in that case."


    10. When guests avoid speaking face-to-face.

    20th Television

    "When you try to speak through the closed door, I can't hear you."


    11. When guests view a minor inconvenience as a chance to get a refund or an upgrade.

    Viacom Media Networks

    "Run out of bran muffins on the buffet? Won't let an infant go down the 100ft waterslide? You're sure to get a 'I want a manager, this is inexcusable, it's the whole reason we chose your hotel, our vacation is ruined, I want everything comped!'"


    12. When guests treat the staff like personal servants.

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    "Just because we serve you doesn’t mean we’re your servants or below you. Respect and manners gets you pretty far."


    13. When guests leave a negative review online, despite not complaining once during their stay.

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    "It really upsets me when guests leave negative reviews about something we could’ve fixed. Our job is to literally make your stay as good as possible, so if you need help or have any questions, call us and ask!"


    14. When guests remain on their phones while you're talking to them – especially during check-in.


    "I don't like it when a guest answers the phone while you're checking them in and they then proceed to have a full on conversation while you're trying to give them the information they need. It just seems so rude and you can bet they'll be the ones ringing the front desk in 10 minutes to ask how to get on the Wi-Fi or what time breakfast is!"


    15. When guests make zero effort to clean up after themselves.

    Walt Disney

    "A surprising number of people rent rooms to shave every inch of their bodies and they make NO effort to clean up after themselves. BODY HAIR EVERYWHERE."


    16. When guests who are members of a loyalty scheme expect an impossibly hight standard of service.


    "When I worked front desk it would drive me insane when rewards members would act like they owned the place and expect free things. I was all for surprising/treating friendly and frequent guests to something nice at check-in, but when people were rude and expected to be treated like royalty that was not cool."


    17. When a guest wants a problem fixed but won't allow you to fix it.

    Passion Distribution

    "Those who complain about the cleanliness of a room after they’ve checked-in, but refuse to be disturbed. How can I solve the problem if you won’t let me in to fix it?"


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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