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    24 Random Things British Kids Did For Absolutely No Reason

    For everyone who believed that the white end of an eraser pen contained pig urine.

    1. Embraced the warmth of the photocopier:

    Fuck lads remember being chosen to go to the photocopier in primary school and you’d go and put your hands where the paper comes out to feel the sweet fresh warmth of that páipéir being dispensed and sometimes you put it up against your cheeks that shit hit good

    2. Committed your first crime by stealing Pick n Mix from Woolworths:

    Flickr: morebyless / Creative Commons

    3. Ended every story written in the exact same way:

    11 year old me writing ‘and then i woke up, it was just a dream’ at the end my creative story in english

    4. Made important life decisions using stationary:

    5. Became way too invested in a raindrop race:

    7 year old me watching my rain drop win the race

    6. Tested superpowers in the shower:

    When I was younger and was in the shower and this happened, I thought I was a full blown water bender or aqua man 😭😭😭😭

    7. Renamed a childhood classic:

    #GrowingUpBritish when bulldog was banned at your school so you just changed the name

    8. Started a lifelong grudge against a celebrity chef:

    this has jamie oliver written all over it

    9. Felt immense pride after graduating to new pen:

    10. Rebelled against organised religion:

    Saying 'ameen' instead of 'amen' at the end of primary school assemblies was my biggest rebellion.

    11. Thought death was just around the corner:

    *accidentally eats a fruit seed* Friend: you know that’s going to grow a seed in your stomach now right? 7 yr. old me:

    12. Not questioned the strangeness of eating one of these:

    Here talk aboot the school being skint ,Puttin icing on a hot dog roll and calling it a cake Ahahahahahaha

    13. Played sports in a blizzard:

    This is what P.E. teachers would be wearing during winter while shouting at students to stop complaining that it’s too cold

    14. Developed trauma through reading:

    Honestly think the reason current teenage girls are so confident and good looking is cos they wake up every morning untraumatised by Jacqueline Wilson books

    15. Burned yourself by touching this type of radiator:

    Flickr: cornflakecouture / Creative Commons

    16. Became a TV technician:

    Battery’s on your telly remote last forever man 😂 stops working just give it a wack n it starts working again for another 3 year

    17. Believed that pig's urine had an important purpose:

    18. Begged your parents for pipe cleaners after watching Art Attack:


    19. Reached peak snacking laziness:

    20. Used pencil sharpening as an excuse to gossip:

    Sharpening pencils was the primary school fag break

    21. Flirted through MSN:

    To All the Boys I Repeatedly Signed In and Out of MSN to Remind Them I Was Online for

    22. Gave yourself a piercing:

    MonogamousMindy_ / Via

    23. Fought the urge to channel David Attenborough:

    If you drive past horses and don’t say “horses” you’re a psychopath

    24. Mastered the art of being petty:

    always giving the dirtiest whiteboard to the kid in primary school you disliked the most😂😂 #GrowingUpBritish

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