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    22 Questions That I, A British Person, Have About American Food

    Why do you always leave your breakfast uneaten?

    Just to be clear, I've only ever visited the USA once. So all of these observations are ones I've picked up during a four-day trip to Vegas or from years of watching TV and movies.

    1. Why is your gravy so thick and pale in comparison to ours?

    2. And are you actually comfortable with calling this a biscuit?

    3. Are all biscuits just cookies to you?

    4. Is it true that you find the concept of egg cups a little weird?

    5. And if so, how do you balance your hardboiled eggs?

    6. Are the scenes in movies where there's a whole table filled with a variety of breakfast food accurate?

    7. And if so, do people really just run right by, grab a single slice of toast, and disappear off to school/work?

    8. Also, are pancakes really an everyday breakfast food?

    9. Do you always eat Chinese food out of boxes? And when did you all learn how to use chopsticks?

    10. How did peanut butter and jelly sandwiches become so popular?

    11. And how did sweet potatoes and toasted marshmallows become a thing?

    12. Why do you only drink out of red cups at high school/college parties?

    13. Is there a reason you put so much ice in your drinks?

    14. What exactly is a corndog, and why does the word "county fair" immediately jump into my mind when I hear it?

    15. Sloppy joe, a cup of joe…WHO IS JOE?

    16. Are you comfortable with heating water in the microwave? Really? Are you sure?

    17. Why do you pronounce the word "herb" as "erb"?

    18. Do your school lunches actually get served on these weird looking trays?

    19. Is ranch as popular in America as I think it is?

    20. Why do you have baggage people at grocery stores instead of just bagging your own stuff?

    21. Is this your main type of cheese, and is it worthy of being called American cheese?

    22. And finally, why are your portions so big?