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    24 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places You Won't Believe Are In Wales

    Real talk: Wales is the most beautiful place on the planet.

    1. You'd be forgiven for thinking this fancy looking hotel was in the Mediterranean, but nope, it's Portmeirion in Wales.

    Flickr: arg_flickr / Creative Commons

    2. Surely this is just an image from Game of Thrones? Nope! It's Raglan Castle.

    Flickr: marcinchady / Creative Commons

    3. Oh and here's Llyn y Fan Fach, which you guessed it, is also in Wales.

    Flickr: angelganev / Creative Commons

    4. But maybe you like your Llyn y Fans bigger, so here's Llyn y Fan Fawr.

    Flickr: colintomjenks / Creative Commons

    5. If breathtaking nature isn't your cup of tea, there's bustling metropolitan areas like Cardiff Bay.

    Flickr: geezaweezer / Creative Commons

    6. Or maybe small, picturesque towns like Tenby are more your vibe.

    Flickr: piers_nye / Creative Commons

    7. There are so many places like Llyn Cowlyd in Snowdonia that were just made to feature on a postcard.

    Flickr: 67769979@N06 / Creative Commons

    8. Who needs fairy tales when you can just soak up the atmosphere at Pistyll Rhaeadr.

    Flickr: dr-carl / Creative Commons

    9. Walt Disney could never dream up a place as majestic as Powis castle.

    Flickr: antoskabar / Creative Commons

    10. Beaumaris Castle at night looks almost other-worldly.

    Flickr: jixxer / Creative Commons

    11. And the Brecon Beacons definitely look like a strange, yet hauntingly beautiful, landscape from an alien planet.

    Flickr: kelveden / Creative Commons

    12. OK, there's no way this beach is in Wales, right? Surely Watwick Bay, along with the rest of Pembrokeshire, is a fictional place.

    Flickr: tom_twinhelix / Creative Commons

    13. Seriously, how are places like the Green Bridge of Wales even real?

    Flickr: 126654539@N08 / Creative Commons

    14. "There's no exciting wildlife in Wales." – Someone who knows nothing about Wales.

    Flickr: jovamp / Creative Commons

    15. God was definitely smiling down on Wales when St. David's cathedral was being built.

    Flickr: rooreynolds / Creative Commons

    16. Meanwhile the Vale of Rheidol looks like heaven itself.

    Flickr: davehamster / Creative Commons

    17. You must have been living under a rock if you don't already know about the magnificence of Snowdonia.

    Flickr: glennpye / Creative Commons

    18. Take a moment to really drink it in.

    Flickr: paullfc / Creative Commons

    19. Ever wanted to visit the coast of Italy? Well that's not necessary when places like Ceibwr Bay exist.

    Flickr: gareth1966 / Creative Commons

    20. Imagine living in a place like this.

    Flickr: tony709 / Creative Commons

    21. If you're a fan of piers then you'll love this picture of Llandudno Pier.

    Flickr: batjko / Creative Commons

    22. Want a bridge with an awesome name? Well here's The Devil's Bridge in Ceredigion.

    Flickr: wwilmes / Creative Commons

    23. OK, I'm going to have to check my notes to make sure that really is a place in Wales. It is! It's St. Govan's Chapel.

    Flickr: branestawm / Creative Commons

    24. Is there anywhere on Earth as beautiful as Wales?

    Flickr: jixxer / Creative Commons

    The answer is no.

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