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    11 Fruit Photos That Will Satisfy You, And 11 That Will Disturb The Fuck Out Of You

    Fruit can really make you feel things.

    1. This fun, crazy apple with another apple on it:

    And this monstrous one with an actual second apple growing out of its side:

    2. This huuuuuuge banana:

    And this decade-old banana a dad found in his ski jacket:

    3. This perfectly symmetrical strawberry tart:

    And this mega strawberry that looks like it was grown in a lab by a mad scientist:

    4. This perfectly hollowed-out avocado:

    And this mid-growth avocado that wouldn't look out of place on a spaceship:

    5. This blueberry-topped cake that all fits together nicely:

    And this blueberry pie crying out in agony:

    6. These cherry tomatoes attached to the vine:

    And this tomato that's defying God's wishes by having a strawberry growing inside of it:

    7. This lemon slice that perfectly fits the glass:

    And whatever the hell this lemony mess is:

    8. This artistically cut mango:

    And this mango pit that began to sprout:

    9. This grape with what appears to be a giraffe on it:

    And this poor grape being strangled to death.

    10. This lovely looking peach:

    And this peach that contains a nasty surprise:

    11. This orange in full bloom:

    And this underdeveloped orange that's straight from your nightmares: