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    17 Fucked-Up Ways People Are Mistreating Gravy

    Love or hate the stuff, this is just wrong.

    Okay, so first things first, gravy itself is not inherently evil. In the right circumstances it can make a good meal great.

    Mtreasure / Getty Images

    With that being said, here are some of the fucked-up ways the sauce has been misused by monsters:

    1. Look at this poor, innocent pizza that's been drowned in gravy.

    Twitter: @joshmac1130

    Pizzas aren't designed to swim.

    2. These pancakes never signed up for this treatment.

    Twitter: @babylonrass

    They deserve so much better.

    3. These gravy-soaked noodles never stood a chance.

    Twitter: @kattycreepmag

    Bonus points for adding chips.

    4. Drinking gravy straight from a mug is wrong on so many levels.

    Twitter: @littlestewsan

    Gravy alone is not a drink.

    5. And drinking it straight from a bowl isn't much better.

    6. Drinking it through a straw, though, that's just unforgivable.

    7. If you're going to have gravy on the same plate as some beans, at least use a sausage as a barrier.

    8. Pasta and gravy were not created to be used in this way.

    Twitter: @abbiekearns_x

    Two rights can sometimes equal a wrong.

    9. Ketchup and gravy, sure, why the hell not?

    10. Seriously, how is this a thing?

    Twitter: @kattycreepmag

    It's inhuman.

    11. One sauce just isn't enough, I guess.

    Twitter: @EileenChanHu


    12. I mean, is this even thick enough to be classified as a gravy?

    13. And is this KFC gravy liquid enough?

    14. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

    15. This is a goddamn crime scene.

    Twitter: @jerseyoriginal

    Arrests need to be made.

    16. "To live is to suffer…"

    17. And finally, this abomination that Americans call gravy.

    Flickr: 59247791@N08 / Creative Commons

    Gravy is not supposed to look like cat vomit.