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    15 Bakers Who Should Be Very, Very, Very Ashamed

    God have mercy on these bakes.

    1. And this pizza maker who also failed to put a smile on people's faces.

    2. This baker who failed to re-create a rainbow crêpe cake they saw on Pinterest.

    3. This "professional" cake maker, selling their service to others.

    4. The person responsible for this unfortunate cake.

    Okay. I know this cake is a number 1 and it says “Emma," but it LOOKS like a dick with balls that says “WEED"

    5. This baker who slightly overcooked their caramel.

    6. This baker whose attempt at making a lamb cake turned into a nightmare.

    7. This baker who just wanted to spread some love.

    RockinJack18 / Via

    8. This baker who proves that you need more than inspiration to succeed.

    9. This bread maker whose Easter bake belongs in a horror movie.

    10. And this cake maker who also ruined Easter.

    11. This dad who tried and failed.

    12. This baker who accidentally added an extra ingredient.

    13. This biscuit maker whose SpongeBob and Patrick cookies should come with a nightmare warning.

    14. This baker who claims their cake "came out perfect".

    15. And finally this baker, who had a heartbreaking accident.

    aw I dropped the fucking cheesecake..