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    15 Bakers Who Should Be Very, Very, Very Ashamed

    God have mercy on these bakes.

    1. And this pizza maker who also failed to put a smile on people's faces.

    jcarloslima / Via

    2. This baker who failed to re-create a rainbow crêpe cake they saw on Pinterest.

    Phil__Swift / Via

    3. This "professional" cake maker, selling their service to others.

    Mufasaah / Via

    4. The person responsible for this unfortunate cake.

    Okay. I know this cake is a number 1 and it says “Emma," but it LOOKS like a dick with balls that says “WEED"

    5. This baker who slightly overcooked their caramel.

    Skiddle1138 / Via

    6. This baker whose attempt at making a lamb cake turned into a nightmare.

    AbeLincolnLapDance / Via

    7. This baker who just wanted to spread some love.

    RockinJack18 / Via

    8. This baker who proves that you need more than inspiration to succeed.

    backwardsbloom / Via

    9. This bread maker whose Easter bake belongs in a horror movie.


    10. And this cake maker who also ruined Easter.

    11. This dad who tried and failed.

    kingfisherman999 / Via

    12. This baker who accidentally added an extra ingredient.

    MyLoveBox / Via

    13. This biscuit maker whose SpongeBob and Patrick cookies should come with a nightmare warning.

    conceptionary / Via

    14. This baker who claims their cake "came out perfect".

    Trustmecarrie / Via

    15. And finally this baker, who had a heartbreaking accident.

    aw I dropped the fucking cheesecake..