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    Updated on Oct 4, 2018. Posted on Jul 24, 2018

    If You Love Toast, You're Going To Hate These 17 Pictures

    How do you fuck up toast so badly?

    1. This dad who created an ungodly new breakfast item.

    2. And this dad who thought toast would be more appetising with his face on it.

    3. This person who made their toast visible with the lights off.


    4. Whoever made this woven cheese monstrosity.

    5. This adventurous eater who wasn't happy sticking with avocado and toast.

    6. This person who has a ~quirky~ way of eating their toast.

    7. This amateur chef who managed to really fuck up their toast.

    8. And this person, who cared more about photography than saving their kitchen.

    9. This person who made toast with mayonnaise, tomato, and some salt & pepper.

    10. This toast eater who had a unique way of slicing their lunch.

    I can't be the only one who eats toast this way

    11. This artist whose creation belongs in a gallery and definitely not a kitchen.

    12. This person whose toast got roasted by Gordon Ramsey himself.

    13. The person responsible for this vomit-like creation.

    14. The kids who tried their very best, tbf.

    15. Tom, who is completely out of control and needs to be stopped immediately.

    16. The owner of this rat-infested toaster.

    17. And finally, the whole United Kingdom for making this a thing: