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    British People Are Right: Beans On Toast Is The Best Meal

    The real iconic duo.

    To the rest of the world beans on toast is an abomination.

    But to the average British person, it's a CLASSIC. And for good reason.

    For starters, it's such a simple, easy to make meal.

    There's literally only TWO ingredients: Beans and, you guessed it, toast.

    And it takes LESS THAN five minutes to make.

    But hey, if you want to be a little fancy you can cook the beans in a pan.

    Some people might argue that it's a basic meal, for basic people, but look how wrong they are:

    There's the variety of presentation.

    And if you're feeling extra cheeky you can add a little cheese.

    Beans on toast is art.

    Look at the way this butter melts into the fluffy, but not too fluffy, toast.

    And check out the way the light glistens off this rich, tomatoey sauce.

    Seriously, what other meal can you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner???

    Beans on toast is always there for you. Always.