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    18 People Who Failed To Understand How Food Works

    Keep these people out of the kitchen at all costs.

    1. This niece who misunderstood how to split food.

    I told my niece to eat half my grapes 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    2. This parent who turned to Yahoo Answers to ask the question "Can I feed children food deep-fried in synthetic motor oil?"

    3. This loving son who was just doing his best.

    4. The guy being called out for holding an ice cream like someone from another planet.

    5. This store that couldn't tell the difference between fruit.

    6. This mum who got confused in the grocery store.

    So this fajitas recipe says u need wraps, chicken etc.. and 3 amigos. So mum has spent ages looking round Asda for amigos 😂😂😭😭😭 don’t think you’ll find them in the veg aisle hun

    7. These flatmates who stole the interior of an uncooked pie.

    8. This person who couldn't figure out a Babybel.

    9. This girl's brother who ate peanut butter in the most disturbing way possible.

    Just found this in my brothers room somebody please explain this to me

    10. This guy who got confused by the concept of a cereal bar.

    11. This dad who didn't know that you have to take the cheese out of the paper.

    12. This confused "vegan".

    13. This little brother who took being a picky eater to a brand new level.

    14. This person's mother who fought the laws of physics and lost.

    15. This amateur chef who should stay out of the kitchen.

    16. This pizza restaurant who decided that this was the best way to slice a pizza.

    17. This restaurant that left the seasoning unopened.

    18. And these tourists who thought they ate a lion for lunch.