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16 Parents Who Were Just Goddamn Geniuses

Give all of these people a medal.

1. This dad who tricked his daughter into thinking it was bed time.

2. This dad who managed to keep his child entertained without leaving his seat.

3. This mum who who came up with her own twist on the half-up, half-down hairstyle.

My mom was told to give me a half up half down hairstyle. She didnt know what that meant so she did this..

4. These parents who came up with a fool-proof plan to prevent their children from sneaking downstairs to peek at their Christmas presents.

5. This dad who came up with the greatest last second costume of all time.

#WorldBookDay Forgot they had to be in costume, so they're going to school as pages 89 & 165 of the Argos catalogue

6. This mum who made her kids work for their internet.

7. This dad who turned stepping on Lego into a positive.

Next time I step on Lego, I will simply get taller. I'm a bloody genius.

8. The parents who first thought of this way to stop their kids drawing on the walls.

9. These parents, who stuck pictures of mushrooms in their photo album to convince their children they had a brother who turned into a mushroom from not taking baths.

10. And these parents who turned their child's wall drawing into a framed work of art.

11. This parent who came up with a solution to stop their kids losing the remotes.

12. This dad who crafted a brilliantly worded letter from the tooth fairy.

Our son is dreadful at brushing his teeth. Turns out the Tooth Fairy has had enough

13. This mum who deserves a place in the parenting hall of fame for pulling this off.

I've convinced our 8-yo that I hate the sound of the vacuum so now she vacuums whenever she's mad at me. #ParentingHack

14. This mum who reached out to her child using technology.

my mom told me to go look on my laptop bc she has a surprise for me

15. This dad who was thoughtful enough to cover his child's head.

16. This mum who used her daughter as an excuse to get out of an event.