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24 Of The Funniest Jokes About The Latest Season Of "American Horror Story"

"Maaaaatttttt!" Warning: contains spoilers.

1. This perfect summary of AHS logic.

2. Seriously, these people love a cheap spooky house.

*sees abandoned looking mansion in the middle of nowhere for cheap* -people on #AHS6:

3. This visual representation of Evan Peters' screen time.

4. This summary of Matt and Shelby.

5. When Shelby was super subtle at dropping hints.

6. This GIF that was all of us brushing up on our history.

Googling everything about the lost colonists at Roanoke. #AHS6

7. This Shelby logic.

8. This guy enthusiastically informing Roanoke of their newfound fame.

9. This recap of pretty much every episode.

10. These alternative titles for each season.

11. And this one for Season 6.

FX / Twitter: @kidfury / BuzzFeed

12. This beautiful Cricket Marlowe fan art.

13. And this perfect likeness.

14. This exchange.

15. This tweet that really captures the essence of Lily Rabe's character.

FX / Twitter: @MOCKINGJEDl / BuzzFeed

16. This cast comparison.

17. This insight into Ryan Murphy's mind.

18. The real Roanoke nightmare.

FX / Twitter: @autumn_boy9 / BuzzFeed

19. This feeling.

20. When Sarah Paulson basically played three people.

FX / Twitter: @ChndlrVlndr / BuzzFeed

21. And it all got a little confusing.

22. When the season finale switched to a different Ryan Murphy show.

23. These conflicting opinions.

24. And when we were all left as confused at the end as we were at the start.

FX / Twitter: @p_soni11 / BuzzFeed

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