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    34 Food Tweets Guaranteed To Make British People Laugh

    Ice, ice, pastry…

    1. This brilliant photo uploaded onto a school's website.

    as if the school uploaded a pic of me writin with a cheese string

    2. This incredibly mum thing to do.

    My parents have brought over wine in a plastic box because Mum is "increasingly wary of glass".

    3. And this dad joke.

    my dad has just taken dad jokes to a whole new level

    4. This romantic wedding video.

    often think about this moment from my parents wedding video where the cameraman just zoomed in on a plate of ham

    5. This perfect description of a British classic.

    Pigs in blankets are basically that mate in the group that never turns up to anything but when they do its the best time

    6. This meme.

    You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about

    7. This unfortunate occurrence.

    They've made all the Roses the same shape. And I'm colourblind. Worst year ever.

    8. This pun.

    Alright stop, refrigerate and listen

    9. This perfect illustration of the North/South divide.

    The North/South divide is illustrated best by Waitrose

    10. This use for the newly-shaped Toblerone.

    The new Toblerone makes for a nice device stand

    11. This surprise.

    Why are there biscuits in the sewing kit tin?

    12. This guy matching his surroundings.

    Imagine coming to wetherspoons dressed as one of the plates...

    13. This mum's cheeky trip to Nando's.

    How can my mum go to nandos & fill up a whole water bottle of hot sauce 😭💔

    14. This interesting spelling.

    🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 he meant croissants am PISHING

    15. And this one.

    Am fucking embarrassed to call this thing my pal

    16. This sneaky mum.

    Ma maw knows a hate shreddies, n she's been hidin the scran in here for fkn ages wit a snake

    17. This genius technique.

    FaceTiming my oven so I can see when my garlic bread is done.

    18. This visual representation of finding the Wetherspoons toilets.

    Going to the toilet in wetherspoons like

    19. This sign.

    No Scottish shortbread for you little man!

    20. This appropriate response.

    What a wanker I'd lob a nugget at him

    21. This drunk text.

    22. This missed takeaway.

    Ordered takeaway at 4am and then fell asleep. Just found this on the front of my house.

    23. This tribute to a fallen idol.

    It's at Christmas time that we think about our loved ones and those that aren't with us anymore, RIP, gone but neve…

    24. This Iceland exclusive.

    25. This shocking delivery.

    Just ordered a milkshake and this fucking turned up 😂😂😂 wit the actual fuck am a meant to do with that

    26. This crime against yoghurt.

    what fat gimp in ma fuckin family did this

    27. This source of inspiration.

    I've just had a great idea for a children's book.

    28. This Waitrose taste description.

    Peak Waitrose: tasting notes for Special Brew

    29. This posh KFC arrangement.

    I'm literally having KFC why my mum arranged it like she Gordon Ramsay

    30. This customer complaint.

    31. This description of potato smileys.

    Hate these wee pricks , actual sit on yer plate n laugh at ye cos yer dinner is shite

    32. This generous serving.

    33. This granddad dressed like a Creme Egg.

    When yer Granda's dressed lit a creme egg

    34. This food review.

    this review someone left on just eat 😂😂😭😭