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    19 Faces All Picky Eaters Will Immediately Recognise

    At what age does it stop being OK to order from the kids' menu?

    1. The "fuck, there's nothing on this menu that I actually like" face.

    2. The "holy shit there is something on this menu I like" face.

    3. The “OK, got to try and appear normal in front of new people” face.

    4. The "actually managed to finish a whole plate of food" face.

    5. The "going to a new restaurant" face.

    6. The "oh god, the waiter totally hates me" face.

    7. The “I wonder if I can get away with ordering off the kids’ menu” face.

    8. The "just ate something new and enjoyed it" face.

    9. The “someone please appreciate the fact that I just ate something new" face.

    10. The "two undesirable foods on my plate just mixed" face.

    11. The "did they seriously tell me to 'just try it'?" face

    12. The "eating the same lunch for the 17th day in a row" face.

    13. The "everyone is totally waiting to see what I order off this menu" face.

    14. The "need to come up with an excuse for not eating a friend's cooking" face.

    15. The "please don't offer to cook me dinner, please don't offer to cook me dinner, please don't offer…" face.

    16. The "I can probably just eat around this" face.

    17. The "time to get to work picking off all the ingredients I don't like" face.

    18. The "I'm going to have to inspect the inside of this sandwich before eating it" face.

    19. The "I can quickly throw this food in the trash while no one is looking" face.