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    17 Dads Who Tried Their Best With Food, But Still Somehow Failed

    Dads and food can be a dangerous combination.

    1. This dad who should have paid more attention to what he was eating:

    freepopper / Via

    2. This dad who should never be allowed near a birthday cake again:


    3. And this dad who tried to cover for the fact he didn't have the number six:

    _Gizmo_ / Via

    4. This dad who was forced to improvise a napkin:

    My breakfast burrito is leaking and I don't have any napkins in the car. #dadhacks

    5. This dad who threw his pistachio shells back in with uneaten ones:

    TheUniqueFiness / Via

    6. This dad who thinks this is an acceptable way to slice pizza:

    NussTheGod / Via

    7. And this dad who sliced a pie like this:

    shweppsyy / Via

    8. This dad who is an absolute monster:

    NutellaIsDelicious / Via

    9. This dad who failed in his attempt to bake a cake for his wife's birthday:

    kingfisherman999 / Via

    10. This dad who had a weird definition of hamburgers:

    ul2006kevinb / Via

    11. This dad who made a meal from his leftovers, which included a piece of potato, a mussel, some cheese, and a slice of bread:

    jamez01nz / Via

    12. This dad who has a strange breakfast habit:

    leftnewdigg2 / Via

    13. This dad who needs some lessons on how to eat pancakes:

    quantanaut / Via

    14. And this dad who attempted to celebrate Canada Day by making Canadian flag pancakes:

    vivthefish / Via

    15. This dad who tried his best to make a life change:

    16. This dad whose bake failed in spectacular fashion:

    Stoner10220 / Via

    17. And finally this dad who got angry while making pizza:

    Peri-snot / Via


    H/T r/shittyfoodporn & r/mildlyinfuriating