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    Two OG "Full House" Characters Got Engaged On "Fuller House"

    "There's a heart (there's a heart), a hand to hold onto."

    🚨Spoilers for the new season of Fuller House below. 🚨

    The midseason finale of Fuller House's final season gave fans a proposal that was 25 years in the making...

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    ...DJ and Steve are getting married!

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    It's been a tough road for these crazy kids ever since they broke up on the side of that mountain.

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    This was easily one of Full House's most tragic moments.

    Over 20 years later, DJ and Steve became close again after her husband died...

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    ...And after three seasons of will they/won't they drama, they finally made things official at the beginning of Fuller House's fourth season.

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    A year later, Steve proposed to DJ and it was beautiful!

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    Danny, Joey, and Uncle Jesse were all there, too!

    The scene included a heartwarming montage of some of their best moments as a couple.

    Netflix / Jeff Franklin Productions / Via

    Precious memories.

    From their first Full House scene together...

    Netflix / Jeff Franklin Productions / Via

    Remember when DJ took her sisters on their date to the movies?! their last.

    Netflix / Jeff Franklin Productions / Via

    Steve showing up to take DJ to the prom in the Full House series finale will forever be iconic.

    It showed them dancing at their high school reunion...

    Netflix / Via

    One of the best Fuller House episodes, tbh.

    ...and, of course, sharing some sweet kisses.

    Netflix / Via

    Stanning hard since 1991!

    Congrats, Steej! We can't wait for the wedding!

    netflix / Via Netflix.

    Now all we need is for Danny and Vicky to end up together and everything will be perfect!

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