Two OG "Full House" Characters Got Engaged On "Fuller House"

    "There's a heart (there's a heart), a hand to hold onto."

    🚨Spoilers for the new season of Fuller House below. 🚨

    The midseason finale of Fuller House's final season gave fans a proposal that was 25 years in the making...

    ...DJ and Steve are getting married!

    It's been a tough road for these crazy kids ever since they broke up on the side of that mountain.

    Over 20 years later, DJ and Steve became close again after her husband died...

    ...And after three seasons of will they/won't they drama, they finally made things official at the beginning of Fuller House's fourth season.

    A year later, Steve proposed to DJ and it was beautiful!

    The scene included a heartwarming montage of some of their best moments as a couple.

    From their first Full House scene together... their last.

    It showed them dancing at their high school reunion...

    ...and, of course, sharing some sweet kisses.

    Congrats, Steej! We can't wait for the wedding!