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    Updated on Aug 3, 2019. Posted on Jul 30, 2019

    They Finally Referred To Piper As Bisexual On "Orange Is The New Black"

    Just under the wire!

    After seven wonderful years, Orange Is the New Black has come to an end.

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    The seventh season saw some bleak endings and hard truths, but one specific moment has bisexuals everywhere cheering:

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    That's right, Piper Chapman was FINALLY referred to as bisexual:

    Piper Chapman being finally addressed as bisexual is the best thing to happen to me

    Fans have been waiting ~years~ for OITNB to acknowledge the B in LGBTQ:

    when ur 3 seasons in and they still haven't mentioned that piper might actually just be bisexual

    Afterall, Piper has had serious relationships with both men and women:

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    Just because we were all rooting for a Vauseman endgame doesn't erase the Larry love!

    But the show only ever called her straight or a lesbian:

    Netflix / Via, Netflix / Via

    Crazily enough, it was her disapproving mother that dropped the label:

    Who would’ve thought that Carol Chapman would be the one to finally mention that Piper is bisexual

    Finally, we can relax:

    Piper's mom called her bisexual. We can finally rest. #OITNB

    Thank you, Piper Chapman, for all of your bisexual goodness:

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    You got under our skin many times over the years, but in the end, we're happy to claim you as our own.