Janelle Monáe Dropped New Music Videos And Bisexual Twitter Is In Shambles

    "Let the vagina have a monologue!"

    In case you don't know, Janelle Monáe is a goddess in human (and occasionally android) form.

    Monáe stans REJOICE, because for the first time since 2013 she's releasing a new album, Dirty Computer, and THE FIRST TWO SONGS ARE BANGERS.

    First, we have "Make Me Feel" which features THE Valkyrie herself, Tessa "I'm Also a Freaking Goddess" Thompson:

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    Understandably, Twitter has exploded into a FRENZY:


    Everyone and everything in my life has disappointed me at one time except for Janelle Monáe

    The queer vibes in this video are giving all of us BRAND NEW LIFE:

    Janelle Monae just highlighted bisexuality, dropped a fuckin bop, and showed off her hot girlfriend all in one musi… https://t.co/CzHOkKwYPr

    Janelle Monae really out here giving us a San Junipero-ass music video. Blessed. Blessed. Blessed on up.

    Wow!!! I can't believe Janelle Monae, the ArchAndroid invented Bisexual / Pansexual lighting

    We are ALL turned on:

    Janelle Monáe's new video makes me feel kinda funny.

    me: okay but how could i possibly get gayer? janelle monáe:

    I only regret that I have but two eyes to see Janelle Monae do anything, and not like. Ten.


    listen i’m gay as fuck but something about tessa thompson and janelle monae locking labias has me sounding like my… https://t.co/bSBGTpTTRf

    People are also comparing her to Prince, which is beyond ICONIC:

    JANELLE MONAE'S FIRST ALBUM: "I'm a robot who likes Prince!" JANELLE MONAE'S SECOND ALBUM: "I'm a robot who works… https://t.co/cAjz8PF0Ba

    Janelle Monae is the only person allowed to do Prince tributes now.

    prince is looking down at janelle monae from space-heaven-8th-dimension and going "correct, my child"

    Oh, and if that wasn't enough, she dropped a S-E-C-O-N-D video, "Django Jane":

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    the history books will show that on this day Janelle Monae said “let the vagina have a monologue” and the fourth wave of feminism was born

    *shouting out loud with no context whatsoever* JANELLE MONAE

    Bless this woman and her many, many talents!! 🙏

    For the culture, I kamikaze ... Pre-order #DirtyComputer now! https://t.co/3rANUaDFGY #WondalandRecords

    BRB going to spend my money...