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    19 Moments That Prove "Superstore" Is Hilarious AF

    Because all of the best sitcoms are on NBC.

    1. When Amy called out a rude customer:

    2. When Garrett made fun of Jonah:

    3. Sandra and Carol's feud:

    4. This truth:

    5. Every single time they cut to something random happening in the store:

    6. When Mateo made this extremely accurate comparison:

    7. And wasn't afraid to speak his mind:

    8. Bo's romantic proposal:

    9. This Black Friday announcement:

    10. Cheyenne's dark side:

    11. Mateo's interrupted flirtation:

    12. Cheyenne's tattoo choice:

    13. When Dina chose a costume at random and didn't realize how hot she looked:

    14. Mateo's self-realization:

    15. And Glenn's:

    16. This:

    17. And this:

    18. When Amy and Jonah had a heart-to-heart dressed as Minions:

    19. And when they FINALLY hooked up... in front of the entire world:

    What are some of your favorite Superstore moments? Tell us in the comments!