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    Posted on Nov 27, 2017

    18 Posts All "Mean Girls" Fans Need To Read ASAP

    Because every day should be October 3rd.

    1. 21 Things You Never Noticed In "Mean Girls"

    Paramount / Via Netflix

    "Is Cady lactose-intolerant?"

    2. It's Been 13 Years Since "Mean Girls" Was Released, So Here's What The Cast Looks Like Now

    Paramount / Getty Images / Via Buzzfeed

    "Rachel is actually eight years older than Lindsay Lohan."

    3. 32 Paintings Paired With Quotes From "Mean Girls" / Via Buzzfeed

    This gives "The Last Supper" a whole new meaning.

    4. This Is What "Mean Girls" Would Be Like If It Were Set In 2015

    Paramount / Via

    "The Burn Book would not be an actual book, but a Tumblr post."

    5. 17 Subtle Mistakes You Probably Never Noticed In "Mean Girls"

    Paramount / Via Buzzfeed

    "The Ndebele tribe has fertility dolls, not vases."

    6. This "Mean Girls" Deleted Scene May Explain Why Cady Breaks The Plastic Crown

    Paramount / Via Buzzfeed

    "Fans of the cult classic said that it was a 'shame' the scene was cut as it showed Regina's vulnerability and 'human side.'"

    7. Rachel McAdams Revealed Her Favorite "Mean Girls" Lines, 10 Years Later

    Paramount / Via

    "At this point, you can literally see the regret in Rachel McAdams' eyes."

    8. 17 Totally Fetch Facts You Might Not Know About "Mean Girls"

    Paramount / Via Buzzfeed

    "The film was almost forced to cut the 'wide-set vagina' line."

    9. 23 Perfect Snapchats For "Mean Girls" Fans

    BuzzFeed / Via BuzzFeed


    10. Aaron Samuels From "Mean Girls" Didn't Recognize Lindsay Lohan In A Picture And It Got Awkward

    Paramount / Via Buzzfeed

    "That's not Lindsay!"

    11. Twitter Has Lost Its Damn Mind Over This Girl Who Looks Like Regina George

    Twitter: @April_ONELOVE / Via Buzzfeed

    "No one has ever told me that I look like her before."

    12. Where The Guys From "Mean Girls" Are Now

    Paramount/20th Century Fox Television / Via Buzzfeed

    "Shane. Oman. Is. Mike. From. Homeland."

    13. 29 Grool Life Lessons We All Learned From "Mean Girls"

    Paramount / Via Buzzfeed

    "It's never too late to apologize."

    14. If Karen From "Mean Girls" Had Instagram

    Jen Lewis / Via Buzzfeed

    "How do you get those cat faces?"

    15. 16 "Mean Girls" Charts And Graphs Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    Crystal Ro / Paramount / Via Buzzfeed

    Find out what your week looks like.

    16. This Is What Regina George's Little Sister From "Mean Girls" Looks Like Now

    Paramount/Twitter: @nicolecrimi / Via Buzzfeed

    "Wow, she's, like, really pretty."

    17. Parenting As Told By "Mean Girls"

    Paramount / Via Buzzfeed

    "When the kid next door has been playing at your house for hours."

    18. From Aaron Samuels To Zombie Ex-Wife: The Ultimate "Mean Girls" Alphabet

    Jen Lewis / Via Buzzfeed

    "M is for 'Mathletes', where nerds solve for Y."

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