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An OG "Full House" Character Is Bisexual And We're Obsessed

Got a problem with this? How rude!

The fourth season of Fuller House was released on Friday and it's as delightfully nostalgic as ever.

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What ever happened to predictability?

The best moment of the season came when Stephanie Judith Tanner revealed she ONCE HAD A GIRLFRIEND!!


BOOM! MIC DROP! That's all the confirmation we need. Stephanie Tanner is bisexual. That's canon now and you can't change our minds.

This was clearly a surprise to D.J., who was super scandalized...

...but not in negative way!

Steph and Gia found her reaction hilarious.

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And you KNOW Gia was already well aware of Steph's sexual history.

Seriously, Gia cannot handle it.

Netflix / Via, Netflix / Via

This moment is so pure, we suspect it's Marla Sokoloff's real reaction to the scene.

Honestly, we should have seen this coming 25 years ago.

ABC / Via

You're lying if you didn't have a big ole '90s crush on Gia and/or Mickey, the gals Steph was ~desperate~ to impress.

Practicing smoking while wearing a flannel vest? Bisexual.

ABC / Via

Would wear now, tbh.

Kissing a pretty boy while holding a guitar? Bisexual. / Via

Treat our girl right, Jimmy!

Being the absolute queen of sass? Bisexual.

Netflix / Via

The best burn in sitcom history.


Netflix / Via

What more can we say?

On behalf of all bisexuals, we're extremely happy to have you, Stephanie Tanner!

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Watch the latest season of Fuller House on Netflix!

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