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    18 Things About "That '70s Show" That Still Don't Make Sense

    After 20 years, some of it didn't age well, but we still love it.

    1. The disappeaance and reappearance of Laurie:

    2. The promise ring drama:

    3. The weed:

    4. Jackie's tolerance of Kelso:

    5. Kitty's menopause:

    6. Donna's sister:

    7. The timeline, in general:

    8. Especially everyone's ages:

    9. And the holidays:

    10. The time-based continuity errors:

    11. The treatment of Fez:

    12. And Fez's treatment of women:

    13. Eric's departure:

    14. Hyde's father:

    15. Randy:

    16. Honestly, just all of the final season:

    17. Especially Hyde marrying Samantha:

    18. And, of course, Jackie and Fez:

    We still love you, That '70s Show!!