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21 Spooky Cocktails That’ll Make Your Halloween Party A Drunken Success

The creepier the better. This is a Halloween party, after all.

1. Bloody Orange Cocktail

2. Booger Beer Cocktail

3. Blood-Red Sangria Martini

4. Fiery Eyeball

5. Bloody Tooth Cocktail

6. Candy Corn Apple Pucker Margarita

7. The Blackbeard

8. Swamp Water

9. Brain Cocktail

10. Goblin Mimosas

11. Black Widow Cocktail

12. Eyeball Cocktail

13. Maggotini

Learn how to make it here.

14. The Conjuring

15. Zombtini

16. Purple People Eater

17. Polyjuice Potion

18. Monster Mash Slush

19. The Weeping Woman

20. Bleeding Heart Martini

21. Witch's Brew Cocktail

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