14 "Star Wars" Treats That Every True Fan Should Try

    Out of this world, they are.

    1. Star Wars Bantha Cocoa

    2. Homemade Star Wars TIE Fighter Cookies

    3. Star Wars B-B8 Cupcakes

    4. Star Wars Macarons

    5. Princess Leia Cupcakes

    6. BB8 Muddy Buddies

    7. Star Wars Nebula Cracker Toffee

    8. Star Wars Popcorn

    9. Chewy Pretzel Wookie Cookies

    10. White Hot Chocolate With Storm Trooper Marshmallows

    11. Star Wars Stormtrooper White Chocolate Cocoa

    12. Star Wars Rice Krispie Treats

    13. Death Star Oreo Truffle

    14. Star Wars Light Saber Pretzels

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