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    9 Truly Appalling "Friends" Lookalikes You Can Actually Hire

    Could they be any more like the characters on the show? Well, yes, they probably could.

    1. Ross.


    According to his profile page on A List Lookalikes, Portsmouth-based Stephen Wenham is "always being stopped by passers by telling him how much he looks like Ross from Friends". He has worked as "a mix and mingle artist at pre-dinner drinks events throughout the UK."

    2. Joey.


    "How you doin'?" Meet Jack Mountain, "who would give any event or function some star quality" by impersonating Joey Tribbiani, according to Fake Faces.

    3. Chandler.


    Meet Clive Faughtley. According to A List Lookalikes, Clive "is always being told that he looks just like Matthew Perry and gets people shouting 'Chandler', in the street. He has similar type of clothes to Matthew Perry and can be booked alongside other Friends lookalikes."

    4. Rachel.


    "Southern-based lookalike Janet is a great lookalike of Jennifer Aniston, all her facial angles are just like the real Jennifer Aniston and she has a great figure too."

    5. Monica.


    Laura Perry is the only Monica lookalike on the books of Splitting Images, home of "the best celebrity lookalikes in the world."

    6. Phoebe.


    Another A List talent, Melissa Hartzell "provides her own wardrobe to ensure she is up to date with Lisa Kudrow's present looks."

    7. Joey.


    This Italian hunk once won a Joey lookalike competition in Sweden. You can book him via Celebrity Impersonators.

    8. Ross.


    "We were on a break!" Your guests will surely do a double take if you book this guy, who is quite simply the spit of David Schwimmer.

    9. Monica.


    Meet Courteney Cox "lookalike" Sarah Collinge.

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