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    25 Problem-Solving Cat Products From Chewy With Truly Impressive 5-Star Reviews

    They're absolutely purrrrrrfect!

    1. A box of clumping litter so your cat's number-twos can be easily scooped without tracking dust on your floors. Plus, it's made with baking soda that masks harsh odors all day long.

    2. A Litter Genie in which to toss waste away, lock in odor, and keep your home smelling clean. It can hold up to 14 days of your felines ~business.~ Your genie wish has come true.

    A grey Litter Genie cat litter disposal system

    3. A Wi-Fi-enabled self-cleaning litter box that'll sift soiled litter every time your furry friend *goes.* The waste drawer is carbon-filtered so it traps in odors, keeping your home smelling fresh. Track waste levels using the AutoPets app and get notifications for when it's time to change out the litter.

    A cat jumping out of the black, wifi-controlled, automatic, self-cleaning litter box

    4. A bottle of litter deodorizer spray for those who no longer want to light ~palo santo~ every time they need to mask the smell of their litter box. Spray it on after each clean and refill to eliminate stinky odors.

    a bottle of the litter deodorizer spray

    5. A litter-trapping mat that'll effectively reduce tracking so your cat's not dragging litter all over your home. It'll keep both feet and paws free of dirt and dust. Bonus: The bottom layer absorbs unwanted odors and is waterproof for an easy clean.

    A black cat litter trapper mat

    6. A box of probiotics for the fur babies that are prone to upset stomachs and constipation. Reviewers are raving about how much their cats love the taste of this powder. It's designed so that your feline friend gets the nutrition they need without sacrificing flavor.

    A box of Purina Pro Plan FortiFlora probiotic supplements

    7. A bottle of wild Alaskan salmon oil because your cat deserves the best in skincare. Just one pump atop their wet or dry food will do wonders for their skin and coat. This supplement also supports digestion and muscle growth.

    A bottle of Zesty Paws Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for skin and coat health

    8. A bottle of deodorizing crystals that will emit a fresh scent every time your cat steps into their litter box. It's paw-activated and won't leave any residue. This is some serious magic right here.

    A bottle of Fresh Step litter box deodorizing crystals

    9. A cat fur remover so you can clean up stubborn shedding without having to stock up on rolls of tape. This remover is entirely adhesive free, saving money and the planet, one cleanup at a time. Empty the hair out by simply pressing on the handle to open up the catching chamber.

    A model using a pet hair remover to remove cat hair from an ottoman

    10. A calming diffuser to plug into your wall that'll elicit a calming, soothing feeling in your cat's environment. This diffuser radiates a synthetic pheromone that provides a sense of familiarity and safety. It's proven to comfort cats through loud noises, environmental shifts, travel, or just being home alone.

    A cat on a couch next to a calming diffuser for cats plugged into the wall

    11. And a bottle of aromatherapy drops for the kitties who get the willies in the car, during thunderstorms, from trips to the vet, during parties, or from scary movies.

    A bottle of stress stopper aromatherapy drops to relieve stress in cats

    12. A cute fountain because it's so much more fun for your cat to drink from running water than from still. There's a filter that keeps the H20 clean and crisp for every sip.

    A green/white/yellow flower water fountain for cats

    13. And a fountain cleaning kit to keep the filter free of dirt, debris, and bacteria buildup. It comes with three brushes so you can tackle all the hard-to-reach spots in your pet's fountain.

    the pet fountain cleaning kit

    14. An airtight storage container that'll keep your cat's food protected from moisture and pests. With every meal guaranteed to be packed with fresh flavor, your cat will be sure to leave a positive Yelp review.

    An airtight cat food storage container on wheels

    15. A lick mat to fill with your cat's fave snack so your finicky friend is distracted during grooming. It's also great to slow down mealtime if your cat has a habit of finishing up their bowl of wet food under a minute.

    A model pressing a blue, silicone lick mat filled with peanut butter against a shower wall

    16. A collapsible travel bowl so you can give your cat a treat or sip of water during travel. It includes a carabiner clip so you can attach it to your belt hook, bag, or leash.

    A blue, collapsible travel water/food bowl with a carabiner clip

    17. An automatic feeder that'll dispense up to four servings of dry food throughout the day so you never have to worry about your friend skipping a meal. It even lets you record a special message to let your buddy know it's time to eat.

    A white/black, automatic pet food feeder

    18. A carrier bag to attach to your seat belt so your kitty stays safe during trips to the vet or big moves. It comes with a detachable fleece pad that can be easily washed in case of *accidents.*

    A model holding a blue/black pet carrier travel bag

    19. Or a backpack carrier for those traveling by foot. Roll or carry your best friend around on your back during trips to the mall, in the airport, on a bike ride, or just out and about in your neighborhood.

    20. And a stroller for those who may be tackling harsher terrains, like their local park. Grab your coffee mug and take your friend out to enjoy the fresh, morning breeze.

    A model rolling a cat around in black/blue, pet stroller

    21. A customized ID tag in case your cat decides to go explore somebody else's home. Write up to four lines of personal information to ensure you'll always be reunited.

    A cat wearing a cat design ID tag on a collar

    22. A bag of immune-support chews that'll promote healthy digestion, collagen growth, and a strong respiratory system. These bites are chicken-flavored so you never have to worry about your pet refusing to eat them.

    A bag of lysine immune support chews for cats

    23. A cat harness and bungee leash because dogs are not the only pet that like to go for walks. The harness eliminates harmful tugging around their neck and is adjustable to fit any size cat.

    A cat wearing a lilac harness with an attached bungee leash

    24. An interactive cat toy that'll keep your kitty entertained during the hours you can't be home with them. It's also great for exercise and to keep your pet mentally engaged throughout the day.

    A cat playing with an interactive cat toy

    25. A modern-style elevated bed because your buddy deserves to nap like royalty. It's chic, comfortable, and comes with a plush pillow so cozy it feels like a warm hug.

    A cat lying in a grey, elevated round bed on four wooden legs

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