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Meet Freelee, The Super Toned Fruitarian Who Eats 51 Bananas A Day

#GoFruitYourSelf ...wait, what?

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She follows a high carb, low fat, ‘raw til four’ vegan lifestyle. / Via

...mainly consisting of raw fruit ‘mono-meals’. / Via

Freelee claims that she can eat 51 bananas a day, consuming up to 5,000 calories a day. / Via

This is what Freelee's typical daily intake of food can look like. / Via

She has a huge YouTube fanbase with almost 400,000 subscribers and 77 million views. / Via

Freelee adopted the lifestyle almost 7 years ago and claims that the high carb, low fat ‘raw til four’ diet has helped her lose 40lb. / Via

As well as claiming that it has helped her acne, chronic fatigue syndrome, low thyroid function and irritable bowel syndrome. / Via

Well, who knew fruit could look so good?! / Via
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