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    12 Hunky Vikings Who Could Totally Raid Your Shores

    The Norsemen are coming...

    Welcome to Scandinavia!

    On top of being one of the most beautiful places on the goddamn planet...

    Jenifoto / Getty Images

    ...Scandinavia also offers a veritable smorgasbord of Viking sex gods.


    Here are 12.

    1. Meet Travis. He is planning a raid...of love.


    Just look at that battle face.

    2. Patrick here has totally nailed barbarian-chic.

    3. This fellow would vanquish your enemies.


    4. Steffen totally wants to share his plunder with you.

    5. This Viking has a round-trip ticket to Valhalla. You in?

    6. Niko will catch you dinner with his bare hands.


    7. Oops, Thor's lost his hammer. Won't you help him find it?

    8. Work that fur, sir.


    9. Well, hello there, Odinson.

    10. "Hey, looting and pillaging is so last year. Can’t we all just be friends?”


    11. All Ben wants to capture is your heart.

    12. Won't you let the Norsemen in?

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