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17 Things Everyone Who Played Sport On Saturday In Australia Can Relate To

"I won't be tired at all if I watch Saturday Disney in the morning."

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1. Consistently waking up even earlier than you needed to so you could watch cartoons. / Via

But it was totally worth it.

2. Frantically searching the house looking for your sports gear five minutes before you had to leave.

Adult Swim / Via

How is it that you used this stuff once a week and lost it every time?

3. Blasting tunes in the car on the way to the game to get yourself pumped up.

NBC / Via

*Cue* Eye of the Tiger on repeat.

4. Being embarrassed as hell EVERY week because you forgot something you needed.

Comedy Central / Via

"Could I make it onto the field with only one boot?", you thought to yourself in the back seat.

5. Spending 20 minutes before each game searching all the fields for your teammates.

Academy Awards / Via

Because you weren't paying attention when they told you at training.

6. Stretching extensively before each match and ending up exhausted before the game even started.

NBC / Via

Or was it because you tried to talk and run at the same time?

7. Having to listen to the coach's pre-game speech which always seemed more dramatic than necessary.

DNC / Via

Looks like someone has been watching Braveheart...

8. Knowing when the heat cream was out because you could smell that shit from a mile away.

NBC / Via

Call it what you will – Voltaren, Dencorub or Deep Heat. Either way, it's the smell that poisons your nostrils, clothes, and soul.

9. Awkwardly shaking hands with your opponents before the game.

WWE / Via

10. Being on the bench meant you had to wait for your time to shine.

TNT / Via

Or at the least wait, for someone to get injured...

11. Watching your parents get more passionate about the game than you. / Via

It was as if they wanted to join you on the field.

12. Counting the minutes until halftime because it meant one thing: ORANGE SLICES!

NBC / Via

The only time you'd get excited to eat fruit.

13. Trying everything you could to keep your team’s spirits high when you were losing.

NBC / Via

But was it because you wanted to unite everyone or because you hated losing?

14. Being tired, dirty, and covered in sweat all while having to endure your coach's long-ass post-game speech.

Paramount Pictures / Via


15. Finally being able to hit up the sausage sizzle after the game. / Via

Begging your parents to buy you a sausage sizzle as you walked past the canteen after the game was a time honored tradition.

16. Hoping for a win so you'd be rewarded with the infamous pizza party.

Fox / Via

The legend of the "pizza party" was delivered from older generations which made you strive for something.

17. And the end of season party was where the REAL competition began.

Fox / Via

It was either a choice of putt-putt, bowling, or laser tag but no matter what, it was competitive AF.