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What's The Worst Hangover You Ever Had?

Never drinking again.

At one point or another, you've ~probably~ been so hungover you couldn't stand.

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(Or maybe you were a teacher who had to hide your hangover from an entire class of students.)

The night before was fun, but absolutely not worth the pain you're in the following day.

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Hangovers are especially bad when you have to be somewhere important and pretend that you're not feeling like death.

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Weddings, seeing your parents, work...

Just, no.

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You may even be so hungover that you thought about bringing yourself to the hospital.

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It happened once to me and the ER told me to "go home and drink a ginger ale."

Or maybe you were hungover with your best friend and you both threw up in a public place...

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Friends who hangover together, stay together.

We've all been there, so share with us your best (worst) hangover horror stories and you could be featured on BuzzFeed!

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