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21 Signs Lady Gaga And Her Dog Are Definitely The Same Person

This is irrefutable proof.

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1. They both love Captain hats.

3. They wear the same clothes.

4. They both enjoy a good night's sleep.

5. And sleep in general.


6. They even wake up at the same time!

7. They both have a flair for fashion...

8. ...and showing off their bling.

9. They're both known for a their signature bows.

10. And an appreciating the finer things in life.

11. They have the exact same ears.


12. They both love to lay in bed covered in pearls.

13. They have the same schedule.

14. ... and only fly private.

15. They get annoyed at the paparazzi.

16. They both have boyfriends.

17. They even shower together!

18. They're huge fans of dive bars.

19. And have really famous friends.

21. They're both cover girls.
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