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    Lindsay Lohan Looks Amazing, And Is Spending A Lot Of Time In Freezers

    She's been doing something called cryotherapy.

    You know Lindsay Lohan: Actress, model, fashion designer, and one of the flyest humans to ever walk the earth.

    She's looking great, and apparently feeling great, too.

    So what exactly has LiLo been doing to look and feel this good? DUH, she's been spending her time in giant freezers. What else!?

    It's called cryotherapy, and if you're not familiar, it's something celebs (and other people) have been doing for a while now.

    Looks fun.

    Really fun...

    While we don't recommend you spend quality time hanging out in freezers this summer, we do support it when the outcome is something like THIS.

    OR THIS.

    Keep it up, Lohan.