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26 Celebrity Fall-Inspired Lips You'll Want To Wear

Lipstick on fleek.

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1. Beyoncé's midnight lips.

2. Nicki Minaj's cranberry kiss.

3. Hilary Duff's crimson lips.

4. Ciara serving face and a plum pout.

5. Lindsay Lohan's nude lip.

Proving less is more.

6. These lips that belong to Ariana Grande.

7. Jessie J's DIY lipliner.

Def not doin' it like a dude.

8. Christina Aguilera matching her lips to her cup.

Lipstick smudges? MAYBE, BUT YOU CAN'T TELL.

9. Kim Kardashian's lovely lobster colored lips.

10. Kendall Jenner's lips.

This is actually a photo of Kris Jenner from 40 years ago.

11. Rita Ora with a red lip.

and hair that everyone wants.

12. Lady Gaga's classic wine-colored lips.

13. Aubrey O'Day as a literal cat.

14. Kaling killing it in a fall pastel.

15. Selena Gomez wearing her fall lips in a car.

16. Jordin Sparks with these purple beauties.

17. Brandy slaying in a mohogany shade.

Moesha, you do it so good.

18. Lil' Kim and her violet lips.

A Lil' goes a long way.

19. Lorde performing in her signature dark-lipped look.

A true pioneer for fall lip fashion.

20. Tyra banks in fall lips and glasses.

21. Rihanna wearing her fall lip out and about.

Rihpeat this look immediately.

22. Kylie: queen of the dark lip.

25. Literally, out of this world lips.

26. These original fall lipstick inspirations.

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