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25 Things Only The Realest People Will Understand

How real do you keep it?

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1. When you're deciding on produce.

2. When you used to be a bully.

3. When you knew a trend had passed.

4. When you thought your life might actually end.

5. When you tried to make miracles happen.

6. When you were honest about who you were.

7. When you woke up on any day that ended in Y.

8. When you were honest about your goals.

9. When you knew you had it made.

10. When you remembered your past.

11. When you realized you are the key to your own happiness.

12. When you knew what the word Blizzard really meant.

13. When you realized dogs really are a man's best friend.

14. When you cried upon seeing this.

15. When you kept it real about your relationship.

16. When you saw this and had to take the rest of the day off.


17. When you have to decide on important life decisions.

18. When you know to work from home.

19. You know how real this is.

20. You've given up on your happy ending.

21. When you know how this feels.

22. You know that this will never get old.

23. … and this is the gospel.

24. When you were being honest about your leisurely activities.

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