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19 Things That Happen When Your Coffee Actually Turns Out To Be Crack

Caffeine is a drug.

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1. You'll know what you're getting yourself into.

from the very first pour.

2. ... and probably get in a little over your head.

3. That "good feeling" will begin to set in.

You even show your haters love.

4. You feel it working in your veins.

5. And you know the rest of your day is going to be just the best.

6. The littlest things excite you.

*Gets e-mail that treat receipts are back at Starbucks*

7. Like a 15% off sale.

8. Or a surprise second cup from your roommate.

For free...

9. You'll try to play it cool.

10. But then someone at work will ask you to grab another coffee...

*has one brewing in the office kitchen already*

11. Gratitude will inevitably overcome you.

12. Your focus will improve drastically.

13. You'll feel like this for at least the next six hours.

Everything on fleek.

14. Or like this.

15. The fact that you're "feelin' yourself" at this point is an understatement.

16. Workouts feel like a breeze.

17. And nothing will hurt.

18. You'll learn to unlock the true prince or princess you really are.

19. And never be ashamed of your addiction.

You deserve it.

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