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19 Thoughts You Think After Hearing Ben Howard's New Album

Thank God it's raining.

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Ben Howard has a new album out called "I Forget Where We Were" and it's exactly what you expected it to be.

Cue the feelings.

1. I should call my mom more.

2. I wonder how my ex is doing... are they ok? How is their dog doing?

3. I need to apologize to my roommate for using the last of her conditioner. It's so valuable.

4. I can't believe I forgot to wish my third cousin's cat a happy birthday yesterday on Instagram.

5. I will never not answer a text again.

6. I need to Facebook message Melissa from 3rd grade and apologize for stealing her boyfrined.

7. I'm sad.

8. There really is beauty everywhere you look.


9. I can't believe I let my hermit crabs die when I was 13.

10. I'm 25 and have no savings.

11. I need to start investing in ME.

12. The rain is so beautiful out there.


13. I'm never eating meat again.

14. Everything really does happen for a reason.

15. I need to start waking up 5 minutes early to meditate and stretch.

16. ...and go on a run.

17. Because everything really is going to be ok.

18. And I'm worth it.

19. Forever.

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