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18 Perfect GIFs For Thanksgiving Eve In Your Hometown


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1. When you see the friends you haven't seen in a year.

2. When your mom asks you if you're planning on drinking when you go out.

3. When you're deciding which bar you want to go to downtown.

… They're across the street from each other.

4. When you walk into the bar with your original crew after all these years.

5. When a GREAT song comes on but you've only had one drink.

6. When an even better song comes on and you've had 5 drinks.

7. 6 drinks.

8. When you see your old archenemy who wrote that thing about you on Myspace in 2007.

9. When they see you seeing them.

10. When you remember that they're 100% still jealous of you.

11. When you realize the girl who bullied you in high school got fat.

12. When you realize you'll probably be hungover on Thanksgiving.

13. When someone accidentally lets a secret slip that you've been keeping since high school.

14. When your high school crush walks into the bar.

Even though he's married now and you know he has no idea who you are. Still.

15. When your flakey friend cancels on you the one day a year you get to see them.

16. And then they show up with another friend group.

17. When the designated driver makes up for not drinking with eating.

*asleep in the backseat*

18. When you realize even now, there's really no place like home.

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