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15 Truths Only Guys Who Wax Their Eyebrows Will Understand

Eyebrows on fleek.

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1. It hurts guys way more than women.


Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

2. Unlike girls, you get waxed solo.

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3. You force yourself not to let your waxer see you cry.


They know you're crying, tho.

4. You always need a drink immediately before and after the wax.

5. But walking out right after a fresh wax feels a lot like this.

6. You trying to deny that you've ever touched your brows at all.

Comedy Central / Via

"They just grow that way."

7. Your reaction when you find out another guy you know gets his brows done, too.

8. And when people call you out in front of others for having your eyebrows regularly touched up.

9. When people assume you also get manicures just because you get your brows done.

10. When someone gives you a gift certificate to your favorite waxing place.


11. You keep this picture in your wallet to show your waxer what you don't want.

12. This happened to you once.

NBC / Via

13. But one bad experience didn't stop you from going again.


It's an addiction.

14. Raising one brow after a fresh wax literally feels like ecstasy.

15. And of course, this is your personal theme song.

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