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15 Perfect Kourtney And Khloé Karadshian GIF Recations For Literally Everything

"I would rather die."

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1. When someone asks you to help them move.

2. When someone tries to pull off kitten heels.

3. When your boyfriend says he will actually text you when he's on his way.

4. When someone prefaces their sentence with "I know, I'm so annoying, but..."

5. When you get your laundry done in an hour and a half flat.

6. When your Uber arrives just as you step outside.

7. When someone says they are only drinking 2 drinks tonight.

8. When someone mysterious follows your significant other on Instagram.

9. When the waiter asks you if you want more bread.

10. When you craft the perfect tweet and it gets more than 10 Retweets.

11. When you get a new blowdryer.

12. When you're the life of the party.

13. When you're going to pretend to be an alcoholic.

14. When you put on workout clothes and somehow end up at Taco Bell.

15. When you are tired of talking in general.

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